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    League Information

Looking to Bring a League to Our Course?

League Timeframe: 16 - 20 Weeks
All Leagues require to pay a $250 League Deposit

Standard League

  • 1 Payment (League Fees due on April 1st) $17.00 per week (paid by check or cash, no bankcards)
  • 2 Payments (League Fees due April 1st & June 1st) $19.00 per week
  • Cart Option (pay per week) - $8.00/player (includes tax)

All Ride League

  • 1 Payment (Fees due on April 1st)
  • $24.00 per week (paid by cash or check, no bankcards)
  • 2 Payments (Fees due April 1st & June 1st)
  • $26.00 per week

League Results and Handicap available through LeagueBoss.com We will post scores and handle results! Cost: $9.00 per person (seasonal rate)

League Bonus Options

Bonus #1

FREE Bonus week in April
League will receive a bonus week to begin their season.

Bonus #2

Pre-play Option
Some leagues allow their members to pre-play their round for the week. This can be done up to one week in advance. Available weekdays before 4pm, weekends after 2pm. If you chose this option a sub may not play in your place during league play. Please make a tee time and check in at pro shop.
Walking - No Charge
Riding - $10

Bonus #3

Weekend Outing
League may book a weekend outing in the fall for $29/person (Price includes: 18 holes with cart and sleeve of Titleist golf balls). Weekends after 10am. Leagues may pick any Toledo Traditions of Golf Courses (Collins Park, Detwiler Park, Ottawa Park, or South Toledo Golf Club).

Bonus #4

Bonus Trail Pass for All League Players
Once League Fees for each player in your league is payed all league members will receive a Bonus Trail Pass which includes 3 Rounds of 18 holes, one at each course. Courses include: South Toledo GC, Detwiler Park GC, and Ottawa Park GC. PLUS you will also receive a BONUS round to be played at the course of your choice.

*2017 Fall Golf Leagues Available!!